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Eighty-eight Day Pitney Attorneys Recognized by Super Lawyers for 2013

Publisher: Day Pitney Press Release
October 22, 2013

Day Pitney LLP announced today that 88 of the firm's attorneys in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Washington, D.C., have been recognized by Super Lawyers as leaders in their respective practices. Twelve of these Day Pitney attorneys were named by the publication as "Rising Stars."

Commercial Litigation attorney Elizabeth J. Sher was named to the New Jersey Super Lawyers 2013 Top 50. Dennis R. LaFiura, also in the Commercial Litigation department, was named to the New Jersey Super Lawyers 2013 Top 100.

The Super Lawyers recognition is based on peer nominations and evaluations as well as third-party research (view full selection process here). Each candidate is evaluated on 12 indicators of peer recognition and professional achievement. Selections are made on an annual, state-by-state basis.

The following Day Pitney attorneys are included on the Super Lawyers list:


Daniel J. Carragher
Kenneth L. Grinnell
Jonathan I. Handler
Barry C. Klickstein
Michael P. Mullins
Ken W. Shulman
Stephen Ziobrowski


R. Scott Beach


Elizabeth A. Alquist
Elizabeth C. Barton
Paul N. Belval
Harold M. Blinderman
Michael A. Bucci
David T. Doot
Glenn W. Dowd
David J. Elliott
Daniel L. FitzMaurice
Tricia Foley
Joseph L. Hammer
Charles H. Lenore
Ernest J. Mattei
Kathleen D. Monnes
John B. Nolan
Rene Alejandro Ortega
James H. Rotondo
Joseph K. Scully
James Sicilian
Robert G. Siegel
Felix J. Springer
James J. Tancredi
Allan B. Taylor
Paul D. Williams
Albert Zakarian

New Haven

Joshua W. Cohen
Keith Bradoc Gallant
Richard D. Harris


Jerome Berkman
Michael P. Byrne
Richard P. Colbert
Thomas D. Goldberg
Gregory A. Hayes
Kenneth W. Ritt
Daniel L. Schwartz
David A. Swerdloff
Jonathan B. Tropp
Stanley A. Twardy, Jr.

West Hartford

B. Dane Dudley
Steven M. Fast

Washington, D.C.

Joseph H. Fagan


Michael T. Bissinger
Warren J. Casey
Hope S. Cone
Colleen R. Donovan
Michael J. Dunne
Benjamin E. Haglund
Dennis T. Kearney
Theresa A. Kelly
Dennis R. LaFiura
Kathy A. Lawler
John C. Maloney, Jr.
Anthony J. Marchetta
Patrick J. McCarthy
John J. O'Reilly
Mary Lou Parker
Gregory C. Parliman
Michael T. Rave
Lawrence F. Reilly
Mary B. Rogers
Robert G. Rose
Richard D. Sanders
Elizabeth J. Sher
Joy Harmon Sperling
Christopher John Stracco

New York

James R. DeVita
Ronald H. Janis
G. Warren Whitaker

Connecticut Rising Stars

Susan W. Ylitalo
Adam M. Kasowitz
Erick M. Sandler
Jaclyn K. Leung
Matthew E. Smith
Cecilia Zhang Stiber

New Jersey Rising Stars

Heather Weine Brochin
Jennifer Gorga Capone
Jonathan E. Gates
Craig M. Gianetti
Frank A. Rubinetti

Massachusetts Rising Stars

Leiha Macauley

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