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Chambers USA 2011 Names 45 Day Pitney Attorneys as "Leading Lawyers for Business"

Publisher: Day Pitney Press Release
June 10, 2011

Day Pitney LLP continues to move up in the rankings compiled by Chambers & Partners, as seen in the newly released Chambers USA 2011, America's Leading Lawyers for Business.

In all, 45 Day Pitney attorneys and 16 practices received national and regional rankings in the prestigious guide, which was released today. Six practices garnered Band 1 rankings in their respective regions, including New Jersey: Labor & Employment, which moved up from Band 2. Two practice areas - Franchising and Wealth Management - received national recognition, as did seven individual attorneys.

Ten Day Pitney attorneys were ranked as leading individuals in the guide for the first time. David Doot received a national ranking in the category of Energy: Electricity (Regulatory & Litigation). It was also the first time the firm received a ranking in this area. New York partner Dina Kapur Sanna was ranked in the national category of Wealth Management. Partner Michael Turner was ranked in the New Jersey category of Bankruptcy/Restructuring, and counsel Steven Sheldon was named as an Up and Coming leading individual.

New Jersey partners Joy Harmon Sperling and Dennis T. Kearney were ranked in the state category of Litigation: General Commercial, and in the New Jersey category of Real Estate, partner Robert Klausner received a ranking. Partners Wendy Johnson Lario and Kristine Feher were ranked in the New Jersey category of Labor & Employment, while partner John O'Reilly was ranked in the New Jersey category of Litigation: White Collar Crime & Government Investigations.

The Chambers USA 2011 rankings are based on unbiased interviews from clients across the United States. According to Chambers & Partners, both clients and attorneys were interviewed by a team of more than 150 full-time researchers, with greater weight given to the opinions of the clients. The qualities on which the rankings are assessed include exceptional technical legal ability, client care, commercial awareness, investment in future development, strong teams in associated practice areas, commitment, diligence, and other qualities most valued by clients.

Day Pitney practices that received a Band 1 ranking in this year's guide include:

  • Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation (NJ)
  • Environment (CT)
  • Labor & Employment (CT)
  • Labor & Employment (NJ)
  • Litigation: General Commercial (CT)
  • Real Estate (NJ)

Day Pitney practices ranked on a national level:
  • Franchising
  • Wealth Management

Day Pitney partners ranked nationally:
  • David Doot (CT) - Energy: Electricity (Regulatory & Litigation)
  • Gerald Garfield (CT) - Energy: Nuclear (Regulatory & Litigation)
  • Linda S. Dalby Kennedy (MA) - Wealth Management
  • Dennis R. LaFiura (NJ) - Franchising
  • David S. Sager (NJ) - Franchising
  • Dina Kapur Sanna (NY) - Wealth Management
  • G. Warren Whitaker (NY) - Wealth Management

All other Day Pitney ranked practices:
  • Bankruptcy/Restructuring (NJ)
  • Corporate/M&A (CT)
  • Corporate/M&A (NJ)
  • Environment (NJ)
  • Litigation: General Commercial (NJ)
  • Litigation: White Collar Crime & Government Investigations (NJ)
  • Litigation: Products Liability (NJ)
  • Real Estate (CT)

Lawyers by practice area and region:
  • Elizabeth C. Barton - Environment (CT)
  • Jerome Berkman - Real Estate (CT)
  • Harold Blinderman - Environment (CT)
  • Michael P. Byrne - Real Estate (CT)
  • Warren J. Casey - Corporate/M&A (NJ)
  • Colleen R. Donovan - Environment (NJ), Real Estate (NJ)
  • David Doot - Energy: Electricity (Regulatory & Litigation) (National)
  • David P. Doyle - Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation (NJ)
  • Michael J. Dunne - Corporate/M&A (NJ)
  • Kristine Feher - Labor & Employment (NJ)
  • Daniel L. FitzMaurice - Litigation: General Commercial (CT)
  • Gerald Garfield - Energy: Nuclear (Regulatory & Litigation) (National)
  • Thomas J. Groark Jr. - Litigation: General Commercial (CT)
  • Ben Haglund - Litigation: Products Liability (NJ)
  • William S. Hatfield - Environment (NJ)
  • Ronald H. Janis - Corporate/M&A (NJ)
  • Dennis T. Kearney - Litigation: General Commercial (NJ)
  • Theresa A. Kelly - Labor & Employment (NJ)
  • Linda S. Dalby Kennedy - Wealth Management (National)
  • Robert A. Klausner - Real Estate (NJ)
  • Dennis LaFiura - Franchising (National), Litigation: General Commercial (NJ)
  • Wendy Johnson Lario - Labor & Employment (NJ)
  • Kathy A. Lawler - Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation (NJ)
  • Anthony J. Marchetta - Litigation: General Commercial (NJ)
  • Patrick J. McCarthy - Labor & Employment (NJ)
  • Deirdre E. Moore - Real Estate (NJ)
  • John O'Reilly - Litigation: White Collar Crime & Government Investigations (NJ)
  • Gregory C. Parliman - Labor & Employment (NJ)
  • Michael T. Rave - Corporate/M&A (NJ)
  • Lawrence F. Reilly - Real Estate (NJ)
  • David S. Sager - Franchising (National)
  • Dina Kapur Sanna - Wealth Management (National)
  • Daniel L. Schwartz - Labor & Employment (CT)
  • James Sicilian - Litigation: General Commercial (CT)
  • Joy Harmon Sperling - Litigation: General Commercial (NJ)
  • Felix J. Springer - Labor & Employment (CT)
  • Steven Sheldon - Bankruptcy/Restructuring (NJ)
  • David A. Swerdloff - Corporate/M&A (CT)
  • Mark Swirbalus - Litigation: General Commercial (MA)
  • Susan M. Szafranski - Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation (NJ)
  • Allan B. Taylor - Litigation: General Commercial (CT)
  • Michael Turner - Bankruptcy/Restructuring (NJ)
  • G. Warren Whitaker - Wealth Management (National)
  • Albert Zakarian - Labor & Employment (CT)
  • Scott Zuber - Bankruptcy/Restructuring (NJ)

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