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Trump Family May Face Fallout From Latest Cohen Plea

Publisher: Law360
November 29, 2018

Stan Twardy is quoted in an analysis article, "Trump Family May Face Fallout From Latest Cohen Plea," published by Law360. The article discusses the recent guilty plea from President Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, for lying to U.S. House and Senate intelligence committees about a potential property development in Moscow during the 2016 presidential campaign. As reported in the article, Cohen previously told Congress that plans for the project ended in January 2016, but this week admitted to pursuing the deal until at least six months later, during which time he discussed the matter with Trump, members of the president's family and Russian officials. 

As noted in the article, if in prior interviews with Congress or prosecutors, Trump family members or associates gave contradictory accounts to what Cohen is now admitting to, it could spell trouble. Not necessarily because Cohen is saying it, but because Mueller wouldn't have brought this case without other evidence to support what Cohen said, according to Twardy, a white collar lawyer and former Connecticut U.S. attorney. 

"You need to corroborate all these things. The special counsel has to have some other facts to support the allegation of what Cohen said was false," Twardy told Law360. "There's other evidence out there, it's not just the special counsel making this claim, the special counsel has evidence to support what he's saying that Cohen said wrong."

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