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Estate Planning Update Winter 2020/2021 - 2020 Roundup

Publisher: Day Pitney Estate Planning Update
December 15, 2020

You may wish to take a second look at these articles we have published over the past year, which contain important information for many of our clients.

"Estate Planning Necessities and Opportunities in Today's Environment" discusses how to review your current estate planning documents as well as the gifting opportunities presented by volatile markets and low interest rates.

Moving to a new state can allow you to reduce your state income tax and state estate tax burden if appropriate steps are taken. "Breaking Up Can Be Hard: Moving to a Lower-Tax State" discusses the requirements for changing residency and domicile.

Travel limitations and working from home under COVID-19 can also have an impact on your income tax obligations, as discussed in "COVID-19 May Impact State Statutory Residency Planning."

Planning with IRAs, 401(k)s and other retirement assets was affected by the SECURE Act, which went into effect January 1, 2020. We discussed the changes in "Retirement Account Planning May Need to Be Reviewed Because of New Law."

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