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Stan Twardy Discusses Impeachment Hearings on Richard French Live

Publisher: RNN-TV
February 3, 2020

​Former United States Attorney Stan Twardy was the featured legal analyst during two segments on RNN-TV's "Richard French Live," a nightly news talk show. In the first segment, Twardy discussed the latest developments of President Trump's impeachment trial, including the pursuit of witnesses, the line of questioning from senators, and the "special Constitutional role of the judge" as compared to a jury trial in the U.S. court system. During the second segment, he shares insights into the "good arguments" on both sides and points out the distinction raised by President Trump's attorney Alan Dershowitz between the "quasi-political" proceeding and a "pure trial." In his discussion, Twardy draws parallels to the issue of honest services fraud in the federal system, in which an elected representative is accused of using a position of trust to defraud the public, and poses the question:, "Where does the line fall as to when it becomes a fraud?" Twardy also commented on the issues of relevancy for witnesses and whistleblower protection.

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