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Paul Allen's $26 Billion Estate Will Take Years to Unravel

Publisher: Bloomberg
October 18, 2018

Darren Wallace was quoted in an article, "Paul Allen's $26 Billion Estate Will Take Years to Unravel," published by Bloomberg. In the wake of Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Paul Allen's passing, the article discusses various considerations for his vast holdings at family office Vulcan Inc., which include real estate, art collections, professional sports teams and venture capital stakes. "Even though this is a person's life and their personal holdings, it's almost like the dissolution of a major corporation," Wallace told Bloomberg. He continued, "Even if things go along as you might expect, it could easily be three to five years." The article also noted the legal transfer of Paul Allen's holdings will likely take a considerable amount of time. Wallace commented further that a large and complex estate like Allen's – even when well-prepared for a succession – is likely to face an Internal Revenue Service audit, if only because of its size and complexity.

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