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Perry's FERC Grid Pricing Plan Would Roil Energy Markets

Publisher: Law360
September 29, 2017

Dave Doot and Joe Fagan were both quoted in an article, "Perry's FERC Grid Pricing Plan Would Roil Energy Markets," published in Law360. The article discusses a request from U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) change wholesale electricity market rules to pay more to coal-fired and nuclear power plants for contributing to grid reliability. Focusing on the proposed administrative process, Fagan noted that the Secretary's process proposal is too accelerated, with a proposed implementation schedule that "is certainly going to be subject to a rain of legal challenges, from many sides." On that topic, Doot commented that "I honestly read this to say, at core, 'you guys have been talking about this long enough, do something about it,'" adding "If nothing else, it's forcing expedited consideration and will result with an avalanche of pleadings at FERC."

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