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Rick Sanders Quoted in Star-Ledger on "Gifting Money to Grandkids"

Publisher: The Star-Ledger
October 10, 2013

Rick Sanders is quoted in an October 10 "Biz Brain" column in The Star-Ledger, which addresses the best way to leave money to grandchildren. When considering leaving money through a will or establishing CDs, he says the latter could be problematic: "In the event that a grandchild predeceased you, if the CD were owned by the grandchild, its disposition would then be controlled by the grandchild's will -- if he or she is an adult who has a will -- or by the intestacy laws of the State of New Jersey if the grandchild had no will or was a minor." Rick continues, "You would thus lose control over the ultimate disposition of the funds if there was an unlikely order of deaths."

The full column can be found here.

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