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NLRB Eases Organizing of Temporary Workers

Publisher: CBIA’s H&R Safety Newsletter
July 15, 2016

Rachel Gonzalez, Mary Rogers and Patrick McCarthy wrote an article "NLRB Eases Organizing of Temporary Workers" for CBIA’s H&R Safety Newsletter on the impact of the recent decision of the  National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).  In Miller & Anderson, the NLRB ruled that temporary workers can organize in a single unit with the company's direct hires if they share the same community of interest. This decision has wide reaching implications as it affects any employers with temporary hourly workers, making those workers a prime and much easier target for union organizing. This should be a wake up call for all employers with temporary workers. Employers should develop and put in place strategies to minimize the appeal of unions, such as creating an environment where unions are not viewed as needed. Our experienced labor team regularly workers with clients providing training and other advice to minimize the appeal of unions.  

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