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General Jurisdiction After Daimler AG v. Bauman

Publisher: Law Journal Newsletters Product Liability Law & Strategy
February 1, 2016
Day Pitney Author(s) James H. Rotondo John W. Cerreta

Jim Rotondo, John Cerreta and David Lieberman wrote an article,"General Jurisdiction After Daimler AG v. Bauman," for Law Journal Newsletters Product Liability Law & Strategy. The article discusses the response in the lower courts to the Supreme Court's Daimler decisiona case that was widely understood to have signaled the end of "doing business" as a basis for general, "all-purpose" personal jurisdiction. The article explains that, notwithstanding the Supreme Court's decision, some courts have resurrected the "doing business" standard by treating registration to do business within a state as consent to general jurisdiction.  The authors argue that these decisions should be rejected because they are at odds with modern personal jurisdiction doctrine and would reduce the Supreme Court's holding in Daimler to a nullity.

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