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White Collar Partner Stanley Twardy, Jr. in the Times of London on Skilling: "Enron Review Could Free Conrad Black"

Publisher: Times of London
February 28, 2010

Stanley A. Twardy, Jr., a partner in the White Collar and Criminal Investigations practice at Day Pitney, was quoted in the Sunday Times on the U.S. Supreme Court's review of the conviction of former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling. The court March 1 will particularly focus on a 1998 law that allows public officials and executives to be convicted of fraud if they deprive those they represent of the right to "honest services". In two similar cases this year the court has been vocally critical of the statute.

Stanley Twardy, a former US prosecutor who is now a partner at Day Pitney, said the statute "has been overused by the government". He said there was a good chance that government prosecutors would now lose their "favourite weapon".

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