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Rule Change Sharpens Dem Investigations into Trump

Publisher: The Hill
February 14, 2019

Washington, D.C.-based counsel Steven Cash was quoted in an article, "Rule Change Sharpens Dem Investigations into Trump," published by The Hill. As noted in the article, a recent change to House rules will allow staff to conduct depositions without any lawmakers present, freeing up the panels to move through witnesses in their investigations quickly without the constraints of the previous Congress. According to the article, the change will offer democrats on House committees including Intelligence, Oversight and Reform, and Judiciary momentum as they open wide-ranging probes into President Trump.

"It's more teeth, faster legs, longer breath, greater strength and just bigger," Cash, a former staffer and counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee, told The Hill. "The other thing it signals is this isn't the political theater of the Benghazi hearings. They're not really interested in what comes out on television. They want sworn testimony. That indicates to me they're looking for facts and not show," he added.

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