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Steven Cash Appears on MSNBC

Publisher: MSNBC
May 4, 2018

Steven Cash was interviewed live on MSNBC on a panel with Phil Rucker, White House Bureau Chief at The Washington Post and Danny Cevallos, legal analyst at MSNBC. The panel discussed recent events transpiring after statements made by Rudy Giuliani to the media regarding President Trump. Cash addressed, from the prosecutor's point of view, that although special counsel Robert Mueller and his team may be aware of the media reports, their focus is ultimately on the current investigations. Further, he noted that their timeframe as investigators is longer than the ongoing news cycle.

Cash also clarified the important distinction between efforts to explain the state of affairs to the American people through media and a defense lawyer's job to keep their client out of criminal jeopardy. "Those are different things, and the arena in which you fight is different," said Cash.

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