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GWB Scandal Figures Face Uphill Fight Over Criminal Intent

Publisher: Law360
September 9, 2016

Dan Wenner was quoted in an article, "GWB Scandal Figures Face Uphill Fight Over Criminal Intent," in Law360. In the article, Wenner discusses the defense’s strategy in the upcoming trial of former public officials over the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal, U.S. v. William E. Baroni Jr. et al. Wenner said that the government will have the upper hand as far as playing on the emotions of the jury over what appears to be "disgraceful conduct." He also noted that the defense will argue that the government is overreaching in its prosecution. "There is an ability to press the claim of government overreach and overcriminalization, which might be enough to get the jury ... not to have sympathy for what these folks did but to have maybe sympathy for the fact that they're in the midst of a federal criminal prosecution when instead they should have just gotten fired," Wenner said.

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