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Daniel Wenner Discusses Value of Bitcoin in High-Profile "Silk Road" Case

Publisher: New York Post
December 23, 2013

In a December 23 article published by the New York Post, Daniel Wenner weighed in on whether virtual currencies such as bitcoins can be considered assets eligible for federal government seizure in a criminal case. Dan, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of New York, said the argument being raised by defendant Ross Ulbricht, who was accused of running the notorious illegal-drug-peddling web site Silk Road, is "very creative and cutting edge." He added, however, that he'd be "stunned" if a judge would agree that the virtual currency is not an asset covered by federal seizure law. "I think one would be hard-pressed to convince a court that something you can use to purchase goods, like bitcoins, isn't property," he said.

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