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Evolution of a Valuable Tool for Attorneys: Business Intelligence Practitioners

Publisher: New York Law Journal
March 27, 2017
Day Pitney Author(s) Steven A. Cash

Steven Cash co-authored an article, "Evolution of a Valuable Tool for Attorneys: Business Intelligence Practitioners," for the New York Law Journal. The authors, Cash and Michael Baker, co-founder of Diligence LLC, bring a unique perspective to this issue; both served as Intelligence Officers with the Central Intelligence Agency. In the article, they explore the intersection between the legal and business intelligence professions, the evolution of private investigators into today's sophisticated business intelligence providers, and discuss how lawyers can best use business intelligence experts. "Attorneys retaining a BI firm should expect an honest answer to the fundamental question of 'can this be done?,'" the authors wrote. "The best BI firms are immensely capable, and have a remarkable range of collection and analytic capabilities. But even the best cannot accomplish the impossible, and an attorney engaging a BI firm for a client should expect to be told "no" frequently—after all, a BI firm is retained when the question to be answered (the "requirement") cannot be answered by all of the other more traditional means. Reputable firms in the BI space understand that their reputations, and future possible employment, depend on their ability to properly manage expectations of clients and to consistently produce quality results. A BI firm that says "yes" to every request or task, simply to get the work in the door, will have nowhere to hide when the results fail to match the promises." Day Pitney associate Sunita Paknikar assisted in the preparation of the article.

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