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If Your Client Became A Citizen Around The Time Of The Crime

Publisher: Law360
June 10, 2016
Day Pitney Author(s) Daniel E. Wenner

Dan Wenner authored an article, "If Your Client Became A Citizen Around The Time Of The Crime," in Law360. The article delves into the case of United States v. Olivar, No. 14-55336, 2016 WL 1553906 (9th Cir.  Apr. 18, 2016), in which the government sought to denaturalize a convicted fraudster because he committed the crime just prior to his being naturalized. The government wanted to denaturalize him so he could be removed from the United States as an aggravated felon. Defense counsel whose clients are naturalized should be mindful of the timing of the criminal conduct vis-à-vis the naturalization. Even though an individual might be a naturalized citizen at the time of conviction, that person must have been "a person of good moral character" in the five years prior to naturalization; otherwise, their citizenship could be revoked. 

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