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CARE Court Pro Bono Initiative

October 15, 2019

On October 15, Dolly Hernandez will speak about pro bono matters that she has assisted with through the Court-Assisted Re-Entry (CARE) Initiative in the Southern District of Florida, at a presentation delivered to the Federal Bar Association. The CARE Initiative is designed to aid the rehabilitation and reintegration of persons recently released into the community under federal supervised release and who face a moderate to high risk of recidivism.

As participants in the CARE program, individuals are required to meet with the "CARE Team" once per month to discuss the successes and difficulties they experience during their reintegration. The CARE Team's mission is to: help those returning from prison to become productive members of society by providing coordination for job training and placement, housing assistance, educational support, and the medical, substance abuse and mental health referrals; promote community safety by reducing recidivism and victimization; and reduce taxpayer spending on incarceration.

Hernandez and other CARE Team members will share their personal experiences providing pro bono services through the program.

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