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Hartford Attorneys Speak at March 26 Hartford County Bar Association Seminar: "Expert Discovery, Expert Testimony and Trial Considerations"

March 26, 2010

Hartford partner David Elliot will moderate and associate Jeffrey Mueller will speak at a March 26 CLE event sponsored by the Hartford County Bar Association. The event, which will focus on expert testimony, will take place at the Hartford Club at 46 Prospect Street between 11:45 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The seminar qualifies for two CLE credits and will cover the following topics:

1. What is Expert Testimony?

2. Two Requirements of Expert Testimony.

3. Connecticut Practice Book Section 13-4: Disclosure and Discovery of Experts.

4. When is Expert Testimony Appropriate?

5. How are Expert Opinions Expressed?

6. How are Expert Witnesses Qualified?

7. When is Expert Scientific or Novel Testimony Admissible?

8. Trial Considerations.

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