Day Pitney Launch

Getting your startup off the ground


You're an entrepreneur with the next great idea. You're ready to move forward—start your company, build your product and seek investors—but you have limited resources and one thousand unanswered questions.

Do I really need a lawyer? Is that where I should be spending my time and money?

Hiring a lawyer can seem daunting, especially if you have never done it before. More than a lawyer, you need a trusted advisor—someone seasoned and reputable that will understand your business model and help you navigate from formation to exit. You need a firm with resources that can quickly handle any issues that arise, yet will provide a personal touch and is willing to invest in a long-term relationship.

Your company needs to make every dollar count, but as a savvy entrepreneur, you recognize that legal mistakes early on can prove very costly down the road.

Day Pitney is sensitive to this balance and has developed a solution specifically geared towards startups—Day Pitney Launch.

There are three steps to Day Pitney Launch.

Step 1: Complimentary Consultation

You meet with a team of our startup-focused practitioners to discuss your business proposal, technology, current/future plans and business goals—at no cost to you. This meeting helps us determine how we can best help you achieve your business objectives.

Step 2: Getting Started

If, after the free consultation, you decide to move forward, for a flat fee of $2,500 plus filing fees, Day Pitney lawyers will work with you to prepare and file the documents necessary to establish your business. We will take the time to answer related questions, and provide practical advice to help you avoid common stumbling blocks along your path to success. Included in this offering are the following:

  • Certificate of Incorporation and By-laws
  • Initial Board of Directors Action and Founder Stock Subscriptions
  • Assignment of Intellectual Property
  • Form Confidentiality and Innovations Assignment Agreement for Employees
  • Form Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Patent, Copyright, Trademark and Trade Secret Assessment and Strategy Session
  • One Hour of Accounting Guidance and Best Practices from an Accounting Firm*

Step 3: Our Continued Relationship

Once you've gotten off the ground, we'll help you navigate the many legal issues you will face. In recognition of your need to conserve cash early on, we will defer the next $10,000 in legal fees until the earlier of one year or your first financing. This gives you the flexibility of ensuring you can hire your first employees, protect your intellectual property, and focus those first dollars on engineering and securing your first customers and investors.

In a crowded legal market, many firms offer similar promises. What makes Day Pitney stand out?

  • Beyond legal advice, you're gaining a business advisor and partner.
  • We'll connect you to our network of venture capitalists and other investors.
  • We have lawyers that have been employees at startups, venture funds and FORTUNE 500 acquirers, so we're able to provide a 360° view of what's important—and what's noise.

To get started on your free consultation, please contact us.

*Accounting firm is not affiliated with Day Pitney.