Connecticut has been a source of constant innovation and entrepreneurship since the industrial revolution. On this resource portal we are endeavoring to assemble an electronic hub where investors and entrepreneurs can find connections that they need to start and accelerate their Connecticut based investments and businesses.

Our white paper on Opportunities for Connecticut Businesses is a detailed overview of the financial incentives, networks and resources available to early-stage investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Recent and existing legislation has enhanced incentives to those who would build or sustain businesses in Connecticut. For a description of these see Tax and Financing Opportunities From Connecticut’s JOBS Bill.

For a state its size, Connecticut has a surprising number of incubators and accelerators spread over a broad geographical spectrum. There are also several competitions in the state that offer motivated entrepreneurs an opportunity to both vet their ideas and receive some financial support at the same time. And both state government and private enterprise are involved in a number of initiatives and programs that are designed to foster and support the building of networks and entrepreneurial ecosystems throughout the state.