IP Records Specialist – Boston, MA; CT Offices; Parsippany, NJ


Organize, maintain and update Intellectual Property records to enhance the effectiveness of the IP attorneys and staff.

General Responsibilities:

  • Monitor records inboxes and ensure correct identification, storage and organization of all emails and documents in the firm's WorkSpaces (virtual files) based on protocols established by the IP department
  • Review scanned paper mail and electronically file documents; forward copies to attorneys and staff as necessary
  • Locate and retrieve physical files for attorneys and staff as requested
  • Coordinate with records department to track and retrieve physical paper files from other offices, central records and/or offsite storage as requested
  • Add scanned documents to docket records as necessary
  • Audit existing v-files and address organizational needs
  • Assist with v-filing incoming USPTO documents in appropriate workspaces
  • V-file documents attached to emails, using established naming protocols
  • Assist attorneys with scanning and v-filing hand written notes and client instructions in appropriate workspaces
  • File Engagement Letters for All Clients in appropriate workspaces

Special Projects:

  • Assist with file intake, i.e., assist in the review and organization of paper and electronic files received from client/previous counsel
  • Scan paper files as necessary and coordinate larger file scanning jobs with Office Services
  • Assist with preparing paper and electronic files for transferring out of firm based on protocols established by the IP department
  • Providing assistance with internal file audits and other special projects as necessary

Required Skills:

  • Strong attention to detail, knowledge of grammar, spelling and punctuation, strong problem solving skills and excellent customer service skills.
  • Proficiency in the use of Word, Outlook, Excel, and E-mails with attachments.
  • Familiarity with FileSite, iManage
  • Understands IP language and terms
  • Understands IP Records processes and goals
  • Bachelor's Degree preferred