Senior Staff

The firm's staff are integral to client service, excellence, and efficiency at Day Pitney.  Working as a team with the lawyers, this group of uncompromising business professionals collaborates to leverage business knowledge, advanced technology, process improvement, and project management to achieve your legal and business objectives.

The staff team ensures that the right resources are always available to support the lawyers' work on your matters, including:

  • Customized portals featuring secure web rooms, on-line collaboration, and data transfer capabilities
  • End-to-end security for your information through offices equipped with the latest access control technology and several layers of hardware and software to protect electronic information
  • Legal and business education programs, including certified CLE programs
  • Award winning diversity initiatives to ensure our workforce is representative of aspirations we share with you
  • Public service programs which support our local communities
  • An array of research options through our Information Resource Center
  • Collaborative business and marketing initiatives
  • Customized billing systems

Our staff are leaders in advancing their respective disciplines of operations, information services, human resources, marketing, and diversity.  Please let any of our Senior Staff know how they can enhance the service you receive as a Day Pitney client.

Operations and Finance

Stamford, CT
Chief Operating Officer
Hartford, CT
Chief Financial Officer
Parsippany, NJ
Director of Accounting
Parsippany, NJ
Director of Procurement & Real Estate


Parsippany, NJ
Chief Marketing Officer

Information Technology

Parsippany, NJ
Chief Information Officer

Talent Management

Stamford, CT
Chief Talent Officer

Human Resources

Hartford, CT
Director of Human Resources

Diversity and Inclusion

Hartford, CT
Director of Diversity & Inclusion