Social Media Task Force

As social media becomes increasingly important, companies have come to rely heavily on social networking sites as a vehicle for advertising and marketing. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube offer new ways for businesses to connect with consumers and create brand awareness. Along with these benefits, though, social media can create legal risks to your business, ranging from bad PR to brand confusion.

Day Pitney's Social Media Task Force is an interdisciplinary team composed of experienced, creative attorneys from our litigation, securities and regulatory compliance, intellectual property and employment practice areas. Task force members work collaboratively with clients to learn their unique social media objectives and to provide holistic legal advice designed to meet those objectives.

The Social Media Task Force offers the following services:

Social Media Risk Assessment

Recognizing that every client is unique, we provide strategic advice tailored to each company's particular circumstances and industry. We start with a risk assessment of the potential legal and reputational exposures a company is likely to face, based on its usage of social networking sites and its encouragement of employee activity on such sites. Having identified these risks, we then work closely with our clients to evaluate and prioritize the scope of work and necessary solutions.

Social Media Policy Development

We also can help modify your existing policies and develop a specific social media policy to reduce the risks identified through the risk assessment process. A social media policy tailored to your company, its business objectives and its industry is critical to successful social media usage.

Social Media Training

Social media training is a powerful risk-management control. We help clients develop two types of training: general social media training for all employees and specific training driven by the findings of the risk assessment. After training has been completed, we work closely with our clients to analyze its impact on the risks identified during the risk assessment.

Using this three-pronged approach, the Social Media Task Force can protect, advise and help your company integrate its social media presence and maximize the benefits of this dynamic, fast-changing new media.